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Office of Technology Transfer at JPL

Licensing of Intellectual Property (IP)

Caltech generates more invention disclosures and more patents per faculty member than any other university in the nation (more than twice that of Stanford or MIT). Caltech executes forty to fifty license and option agreements a year with partners ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups.

The Office of Technology Transfer at JPL (OTT) is focused on transferring technology and providing benefit to the public. Caltech and JPL technologies are licensed both to established companies and start-ups, but the approach for each is quite different. Licensing to established companies includes deals such as the licensing of the automated DNA sequencer to Applied Biosystems and the JPL MEMS gyroscope to Boeing Hughes, and typically involves a hand-off of the technology for the company to develop. The start-up development effort requires significantly more work but has been an extremely active and rewarding portion of OTT. When a technology presents itself as a start-up opportunity or is most effectively transferred by licensing to an existing start-up, OTT is eager to promote and foster entrepreneurialism. The office provides guidance and assistance to the start-ups in the Caltech family of companies. Caltech is often willing to take a small equity stake in start-up companies in lieu of up-front fees and for the deferral of patent reimbursements. This provides for the start-up "to preserve capital, a critical aspect of early success.

Working with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

The Office of Technology Transfer at Caltech licenses all technology developed at Caltech and JPL. If you are interested in working with JPL, you can contact Daniel Broderick (, 818-354-1314) or you can explore ways of working directly with JPL through the Commercial Technology Program Office at JPL.

Daniel Broderick

Daniel Broderick

Manager (818) 354-1314

Daniel Broderick is the Manager of the Office of Technology Transfer at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, an operating division of the California Institute of Technology. He is responsible for the management and negotiation of intellectual property matters ranging from patent filing decisions, patent prosecution management, licensing negotiations, startup assistance, NASA compliance, and maintaining and monitoring license agreements. Dan also manages the Caltech Entrepreneurship Forum.

Dan began his career at Motorola where he designed microprocessor systems, and later joined Rockwell Telecommunications to design telecommunications hardware. He transitioned into technology transfer at Northwestern University, and went on to assist with the start-up of the Technology Transfer Office at the University of California San Diego. He joined Wesley Jessen Vision Care as the Director of Business

Development, where he managed a very large intellectual property portfolio and negotiated a wide range of medical device and ocular pharmaceutical business agreements. After Wesley Jessen was purchased by Novartis, Dan became the Director of Business Development at Apovia Inc., a biotechnology company in San Diego that developed recombinant vaccines. Dan has been patent agent since 1995.

Dan received his Bachelor of Engineering degree at the University of Michigan, his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University, and his MBA in finance and marketing from the University of Chicago.