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Open Source Programs

The focus of the Open Source Applications office is on pursuing projects and developing new capabilities that leverage open source software and meet strategic JPL technology needs. The office focuses on agile software development methods for non-NASA sponsors including technology infusion, prototype development and curation and identification of strategic open source software. The objective is to rapidly infuse new open source capabilities into multiple JPL thematic technology areas.

Chris Mattmann

Chris Mattmann

Manager (818) 354-8810

Dr. Chris Mattmann is the Manager of the Open Source Programs and Applications Office and a Principal Data Scientist in the Engineering Administrative Office at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). He is responsible for influencing engineering data system designs and facilitating the infusion of new technologies to meet the Lab’s future challenges. Dr. Mattmann is also JPL's first Principal Scientist in the area of Data Science. The designation of Principal is awarded to recognize sustained outstanding individual contributions in advancing scientific or technical knowledge, or advancing the implementation of technical and engineering practices on projects, programs, or the Institution. He has over 16 years of experience at JPL and has conceived, realized and delivered the architecture for the next generation of reusable science data processing systems for NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory, NPP Sounder PEATE, and the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Earth science missions. Mattmann's work has been funded by NASA, DARPA, DHS, NSF, NIH, NLM and by private industry. Mattmann was the first Vice President (VP) of Apache OODT (Object Oriented Data Technology), the first NASA project to enter the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) and he led the project's transition from JPL to the ASF.

He contributes to open source as a Director at the Apache Software Foundation where, as member of its project management committee, he was one of the initial contributors to Apache Nutch, the predecessor to the Apache Hadoop project. Mattmann is the progenitor of the Apache Tika framework, the digital 'babel fish' and de-facto content analysis and detection framework that exists.

Mattmann is the Director of the Information Retrieval & Data Science (IRDS) group at USC and Adjunct Associate Professor. He teaches graduate courses in Content Detection & Analysis & in Search Engines & Information Retrieval. Mattmann has materially contributed to understanding of the Deep Web and Dark Web through the DARPA MEMEX project. Mattmann's work helped uncover the Panama Papers scandal.