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Cinzia Zuffada

Cinzia Zuffada


Dr. Cinzia Zuffada joined NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena in 1992 and is currently the Associate Chief Scientist. As such she is a key contributor to the strategic planning of science and technology research and development for JPL and to managing institutional internal R&D investments. Additionally, she oversees a number of programs supporting collaborations between JPlL and the academic community

Since the late nineties, she has led some pioneering GPS ocean reflection technology development at JPL and has played a pivotal role in demonstrating the feasibility of the GPS altimetry measurement from fixed site and airplane. She is currently involved in chartering future developments at JPL for the GNSS reflectometry and is a member of the Science Advisory Group for GEROS, an ESA GNSS reflectometry experiment on the ISS now in phase A.

In prior years, she was key to the development of the JPL combined finite-element integral-equation technique for scattering and radiation modeling of large complex systems, including conformally mounted arrays and pioneered the use of genetic algorithms in electromagnetic synthesis applications by demonstrating the feasibility of novel grating filters geometries.

Dr. Zuffada has a Doctorate of Engineering degree from the University of Pavia, Italy, where she was an Assistant Professor in Electromagnetic Fields Theory before moving to the US. She received the Theresian Medal from the University of Pavia in 2002 and is a Senior member of the IEEE and a member of URSI Commission B and AGU.