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Military Programs Office

The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force have been a continuing source of interesting and NASA-relevant work for JPL for many years. JPL is actively supporting a number of leading edge JPL-unique R&D prototype systems to mature new technologies, enable new capabilities, and ultimately, improve mission performance. These efforts span multiple domains, from space to airborne missions to underwater environments. Efforts include development of breakthrough high operating temperature barrier infrared detectors (HOT BIRD) to improve MWIR focal plane array technology; development of autonomy architectures for perception, navigation, mission planning, execution, and visualization; innovative ocean thermal electrical power generation as well as land, sea-surface and undersea vehicle persistent surveillance; multi-sensor optical, infrared and radar cross-correlation and near real-time information processing for intelligent, autonomous multi-vehicle mission-level management; and order-of-magnitude improvements in the optical detection and tracking of small objects in geosynchronous orbit. The 8120 program office focuses on developing and demonstrating JPL-unique technologies and capabilities that have successfully provided innovative solutions for the military Services while directly supporting future NASA mission needs.

These advanced prototype demonstrations provide proof that NASA/JPL is consistently providing enabling technologies and cost-effective solutions to the sponsor's most challenging needs. Sponsors include Army RDECOM, Army CERDEC, Army Corps of Engineers, Office of Naval Research (ONR), Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, Naval Air Systems Command, Air Force Research Laboratory, Air Force Space and Missile Center, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center, and many others.

Edward Cabrera

Edward Cabrera


Eddie Cabrera is the Program Manager for Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force programs at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech in the Earth Science and Technology Directorate's National Space Technology Applications Office. Prior to joining JPL, Eddie served as a Senior Program Manager at Lockheed Martin Skunk Works managing a portfolio of programs on an advanced technology program. He spent 20+ years on active duty as an Air Force fighter pilot, F-22 and X-32 experimental test pilot, and acquisition professional; he has extensive conceptual design and developmental test experience on a broad variety of advanced technology systems, including fourth- and fifth-generation fighters, advanced weapons & sensors, ISR platforms, unmanned aerial systems, and electronic warfare. He has a BS in Astronautical Engineering from the Air Force Academy, an MS in Mechanical Engineering from California State University-Fresno, an MA in Strategic Studies from the Air University, and an MBA from Pepperdine University.