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National Space Technology Applications Program Office

Defense Programs

The Defense Program office is the interface between JPL technical teams and Defense-related organizations such as the US Dept of Defense as well as NATO and other Five-Eyes organizations for Defense Intelligence. We provide critical assessment of customer needs and match that to existing JPL technologies or capabilities for creating new technologies.

Defense, Intel, Utility diagram

The Defense office supports formulation of programs and projects with an external customer focus (outward facing), but also develops project and tasks with the JPL technical team input (inward focus) that we then take to external customers or support for internal funding, when appropriate. When projects begin the Defense Office takes an active role in the implementation phase to ensure that Cost, Schedule, and Performance goals are all met while maintaining a cognizance of the labor and staffing realities that are recognized from the Line organizations. When there are discontinuities between the needs vs labor forces we look at structural changes and improvements to the labor force and talent acquisition to ensure the right mix of staff are available to draw from.

We work with the Finance and Contract Management Division to ensure that we have a fair and clear contractual vehicle from which we can effectively manage the effort from the point of inception to the point of appreciation of the scientific result.